Highland Hustle Tots Course FAQ’s

What are the benefits of teaching a Highland Hustle Tots Class?
  • Developing a business that you love with flexible working hours
  • Structure your working hours around your own commitments and family
  • Potential to earn a very good rate of pay Be your own boss!
  • Create a business that suits you whether that be adding it to a repertoire of classes or in addition to a part time job
  • Great job satisfaction and enjoy making a difference to others
Is the aim to increase the amount of people dancing?

Yes, yes, yes!  The aim is to increase the number of tiny tots, children and adults dancing.  Children will be encouraged into Highland or other dance classes to increase participation levels and Highland Hustle always aims to work with dance teachers to help make this happen.

Gillian, the company founder is keen enhance teacher’s existing businesses.   By introducing Highland Hustle Tots and Highland Hustle to current dance school’s Gillian would love to see increase the customer base in many geographical areas!  The aim is to provide a ‘through school’ dance model by engaging children to adults at all stages.

What does a course involve?

The course is a full one day course. You will be taught the content of a Highland Tots class but it is so much more than a simple dance lesson! You are taught how to integrate specific practices seamlessly into the lesson that will help little peoples skills, confidence and ability to be ‘school ready’ in a few years time. However, all routines are fun, well thought out and planned to great music.

We take the fact you are working with children very seriously and so this is no quick session in throwing a dance together!  There is online follow up work to help you feel fully prepared and each attendee gets constructive high quality, one to one feedback and the next step.

Will I be given content or do I need to make it up?

All content, planning, delivery and the smallest of details have been thought out and planned for you.  The course shows you the little tricks, skills and techniques required to deliver a great, engaging class that is lots of fun for children and adults alike.


Can I teach Highland Hustle Tots only?

Yes. Every potential teacher will be looked at, on an individual basis. It will certainly be possible to run very successful classes aimed at Highland Hustle Tots market only. This will be particularly suited to those with experience in teaching young children.


How quickly can I get started after the course?

Prior to arriving at the course, you will do some preparatory work such as confirming launch dates for classes, confirming venues. Advertising for classes will start immediately on your departure from the course (dependent on progress during the course).

Quality Assurance

All teachers will be required to meet a minimum standard as agreed with Highland Hustle within year 1. This may differ between individuals depending on their prior qualifications. However, it is in the best interests of both Highland Hustle Tots and the Instructors to ensure that the best quality training and support are offered. Discounted further training opportunities may be offered where appropriate.

* PLEASE NOTE: There will be a reassessment / consolidation period if it is felt to be required, particularly where you need further help to work with young children. Where necessary, further training or experience will be offered to help those reach the standard and develop the skills necessary.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of classes I can teach per week?


Is this a franchise?

Highland Hustle Tots is NOT a franchise but will follow a license model which will be similar to Highland Hustle. There are not protected areas but all attendees are encouraged to be respectful to others and a team spirit between Instructors is at the core and essence of Highland Hustle.

What does it cost to train?

The training course is £199.  This is slightly more expensive than Highland Hustle but this is due to the additional support, online training and increased time spent on assessment and individual feedback following the course.  The evaluations of  courses to date has been excellent with many comments about the cost being very reasonable.


What are the membership fees?

Just like Highland Hustle, the aim is to provide a very high quality programme at the very best price possible.  Membership fees start at £16.95 for a single person per month (when paid in a lump sum) which gives access to all support and materials as well as using the Highland Hustle branding.  There are options to pay every 6 or 3 months or to build an affordable team of Instructors (see below).

I want to expand my business and bring other people into teach within my license.  Is this possible?

Yes.  Highland Hustle Tots will provide training for all people teaching classes.  Depending on the number of Instructors the rate per training is variable, and is again aimed to be very good value.  Furthermore, there are excellent and very good value rates available for more than one person per small business  teaching classes (i.e. per license agreement).  Email:  admin@highlandhustle.com to be sent the pricing scheme for 2018.

 What if I need extra support and help?

There are extra support packages available.  It is envisaged that most will not require extra support and so this is not included in the final pricing for all.  The support packages are based on an hourly rate of additional support with more details available on request.  Highland Hustle is keen to ensure that all attendees receive the level of support they require at an economical price.


What other costs are involved in setting up?

The usual costs of insurance, materials, licenses, music systems will be required.  However, if you have much of this already it will not be an additional cost in all areas for you.  Furthermore, much of the costs are one off costs and this is much more affordable than a traditional franchise (which often cost around £10, 000 + as a starting investment!).

All Instructors will be given a basic level introduction to tax.


Any further questions?

Please do get in contact and ask: admin@highlandhustle.com