A unique class to develop movements often missed as part of our children’s essential development in modern day life.
Great fun is the priority, allowing child and adult time to bond, play and smile together.  Developing rhythm, dance, coordination and confidence.  

Highland Hustle wants to help give Tots the best start in life!  

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Highland Hustle Tots class is designed by a mum of 3, PE teacher and founder of Highland Hustle (the Scottish workout designed for grown ups!)

Aimed at children approx age 2 -4   AND  YOU ….. TOGETHER!

Time For You

Dance yourself fit!

Convenient and Fun

Not enough time, too tired in the evening to exercise? Have fun with your little one. OPTION to join in fat burn / toning section & no childcare required!

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Happy Active Tots

Dance, movement and fun for little ones

Programme developed by experts

Wiggle, jiggle, clap along and develop essential skills in a specially designed programme

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Happy Together

Be your little tots superhero!

Dance, laugh and exercise together

Evidence shows little ones develop great exercise habits in early life when you exercise and bond together

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The class is inspired by Scotland.

Don’t worry if you are not able to join in the short high intensity section you can still engage with your child & dance at their level and intensity!

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Great friendly class, my son really enjoyed it and so did I. Gillian is a fantastic dancer teacher, can’t wait for next lot of classes starting.
Nicola, Perth

Higgle jiggle wiggle giggle with Highland Hustle Tots!

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If your child is confidently walking you can book more than one child into the class. You will notice there is a reduced rate for additional children.
If your child is a baby or not walking they are welcome to come along as long as they are in a pushchair or pram. Sorry, we cannot have crawling children in the room for safety reasons.
Parents / Carers are responsible for their children at all times during the class. The teacher will help out where possible but this cannot be guaranteed.
Your little one should wear comfortable, loose clothing such as tracksuit bottoms, leggings or shorts and t-shirt.

You should wear some comfortable exercise gear including trainers for ease of movement. Don’t worry you don’t need anything too fancy!

It can be thirsty work so perhaps a drink of water for during the class.

Yes! This class is for boys and girls. The main focus is on basic movement, rhythm and fun. Dads or male carers are absolutely welcome too.
If you have children and have gone along to a baby / toddler group it can be quite intimidating. Here, you have the class activity to focus on. You will interact with your child so the pressure is off to make polite chat!

You will probably find you are striking up a conversation with somebody about the last track you did and it can be a great ice breaker! You might just find you meet a likeminded person or your little one strikes up a friend for life.

If you are not a dancer then don’t worry – if a 2 year old can pick up the easiest option, you probably can too!

The progress and development of little ones are so important. At this class they will develop confidence, rhythm, timing and introductory skills to help them later.

At this stage they are a little young to be perfecting technique but it will be pitched at a great starting point if your child wants to go on to study a dance class. Even if they don’t want to dance there is strong evidence that some of the activities we do will develop their wider skills for life too.

The tuition is led by a qualified dance teacher and a mum too.