Dance in Scotland

What is Highland Dancing?

Highland Dance is the sort of dancing that you might see if you visit a Highland Games.  It requires great technique, stamina and strength and in competitions the dancers are performing as individuals.  The most famous of the dances are the Highland Fling and the Sword Dance although there are many other dances practised, perfected and performed across the world by Highland Dancers.

In more recent years specially choreographed dances are performed in shows worldwide such as the famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Click here to see Gillian dancing at Edinburgh Castle in the Military Tattoo

Highland Hustle® takes inspiration from dance movements in Highland dance such as highcuts, spring points and pas de basques – albeit the movements are modified slightly to make achievable for the participant and  to make an enjoyable and effective workout experience.

The Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing is the main recognised governing body.  It was started in 1950 to standardise judging and ensure consistency of standards.

Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country and Highland Dance have long traditionally been danced in Scotland. They two types of dance are often muddled, but, are really very different.  Scottish Country dancing is more typically, although certainly not always, participated in by an older generation than Highland.

The dancers are normally grouped into sets of 3,4 or 5 couples in two lines or a square.  They work as part of a team to perform dance sequence formations .

Although there are some competitions in Scottish Country Dancing, it is more often that not performed for recreation.

There have been recent remarkable health benefits found linked to Scottish Country Dance participation in older females according to a study early in 2014 by the University of Cumbria and University of Strathclyde.  They have found evidence to link Scottish Country Dance and delays to the ageing process in females!  Good news all round then!

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society