Highland Hustle Classes

Highland Hustle is a unique Scottish dance based workout with a feel good factor!

It’s accessible, with ranges from beginner to advanced – two left feet …? It really doesn’t matter. It is all about having fun.

Classes take place globally, with specially choreographed routines, original music and licensed Highland Hustle Instructors. The innovative class structure allows participants to opt in at their level.

In a recent survey, 100% of class attendees say they feel in a better mood after the class.  

Reports of losing inches from the waist line, firming up and having more energy are common!

Can’t get to a class or want to extend your class time? The home workouts are very different to the class.

Feel like you are in the Highlands of Scotland in your own home!

Highland Hustle is designed for an adult like you.

Designed to get more people dancing, enjoying moves from Highland dance (whether you have danced before or not!) in a funky, fresh and innovative way.

People of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoy classes from Scotland to Australia!

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